How Your Phone Addiction Impacts Your Sleep

How Your Phone Addiction Impacts Your Sleep

Most of us have this habit of sleeping with our phones on the sides of our beds. Checking the phone is the last thing we do before we sleep and also the first thing in the morning. Have you thought that it might be having on your life?

Intruding upon the sleep

We do so many activities on phone like playing, scrolling, chatting etc. All these stimulations activate the mind and intrudes upon the sleep. Using phone till late night disturbs the sleep time. Lack of sleep impacts the entire schedule as body feels lethargic and sleepy for the entire day.

Artificial screen lights

Artificial lights from the screens of phones or tables may also cause insomnia. Hence, if the morning sunlight doesn’t fall on the eyes to counter the impact, it may result in sleep deprivation.

Beat those stimulations with these steps:

Keep the phone in another room

Try going to sleep without your phone around. By not placing the phone close to you, there is a possibility of a better sleep.

Save an hour for relaxation before you sleep

Try to preserve at least an hour as the hour of relaxation before bedtime. Dedicate the time for reading a book, writing, listening to music etc.

Get an alarm clock and quit using phone’s alarm

This won’t trigger you to look at your phone to see the notifications or the time. Place the clock across the room so you only get up when it’s time to.

Technology is expected to enhance our lives, but it can work the opposite way if not contained. The small changes above may promote good sleep and ensure proper rest.